Our story

Once upon a time, during what seemed like a very ordinary bedtime, we could never have imagined the amazing journey that was awaiting us.

We'd just finished reading a bedtime story, usually a traditional fairy tale of some nature. After reciting the sleeping du'a together, Eva thoughtfully said, "none of these stories are real!" Of course, she was absolutely right!

That very night, we excitedly exchanged ideas of products based around important people, real stories and themes in Islam.

From what started off as a little girl's innocent curious thought, we began to bring our ideas to life by creating Islamic products to capture the imagination, inspire and educate young minds in a beautiful way.

Together, we set off on an ambitious and spiritual journey to reach out to and empower all Muslim children and families through our unique Islamic products insha’Allah.

Sparkle and Shine Moments was born!

Lovingly made products to create sparkling memories and inspire shining little leaders!